Sunday, 9 July 2017

Gothic Manor pt 11

I've opted to get at least one staircase sited and a vertical wall in so that I can move the Manor and get it home. The second and third floors are currently in dry fit, purely because I hadn't decided where the staircases will sit and it's far easier cutting the openings for the stairs with the floors out rather than in situ.
I like the idea of a staircase that wraps around a wall and have this idea rattling around my head of fancy railings - that I need to buy - or will have to make - or have metal etched - and I'm keeping my options open until I can decide either way.

In scale, the stair will be 15mm high (the riser) and the 20mm deep (the tread) and 90mm wide

Lucky for me, my wood hoarding has finally paid off as I had a length of skirting board at home that was 15mm thick. Score! I cut multiple 90mm long pieces and found a block at 20mm thick. This was used to keep the stair treads consistent when I glue them together.

At this point I realised I had made a HUGE mistake. A mistake I can work around but a mistake nonetheless. I made the height of the rooms 220mm. This meant the stairs have to be an equal multiple of the height of the room. 220mm (height of the room) divided by 15mm (height of the stair) doesn't work out as a nice, round number....what a dumb arse! 😄
So, I jumped ahead, without taking photos, (because I was mad at myself) and arrived at this.

Here you can see the 10mm difference between the top of the stairs and the second floor which leaves me with two options...start again or have a smaller last step and put a filler piece in. I'm going with the latter because I don't want to start again. The stairs were glued and attached to landings/ supporting frames which were made out of scrap wood. Once I had the overall dimensions of the complete staircase, I measured the opening on the second floor and cut it out. All of the staircase will be enclosed and veneered so it really doesn't matter how pretty it looks underneath.

The vertical wall supports the second and third floor; the second floor sitting in a channel I routed out.

After cutting a gazzilion treads and risers, I stained them a lovely, warm rosewood colour and glued them into place.

I measured and cut the stringers, (skirting), which will be glued to the wall and inbetween the stairs so they look nice and flush.

Once I decide on the railings, I can build the panels and stringers on the otherside of the stairs.

I moved onto the stairs leading from the second floor into the attic. This time, I learned from my mistakes and worked out where the stairs would start and finish and made a landing thick enough to bridge the difference in height.

At last I have enough walls in place to be able to shift this baby. I really, really hope it fits into the car 😄

Have a wonderful day