Saturday, 24 June 2017

Gothic Manor pt 10

I've been preoccupied with work for a while so I find myself behind with blog posts and reading...again. The painting has been put on hold so that I can get some floors and supporting walls in place. I need to get the Manor home and that requires getting it structually sound so that I can move it.

One of the quick jobs was cutting six chimneys, two per floor, and measuring where they will sit in the room. The job is quick because each chimney breast is the same width and will be rendered so I don't have to worry about how fine the surface looks.

These are the upmost chimneys which will rise above the roof. They're strips, cut from MDF and then glued together. They've been covered with eggbox, smeared with readymixed filler and painted in the same way as the stone on the outside of the building

These are the chimneys for the ground and first floor.  

They will be rendered to look like plaster rather than stone because I think you can have too much stone in one building (i.e. I'm sooooo over eggboxing that i could curl up in a ball and cry just thinking about it) 😄

I'll glue all of the chimneys in permanently once I've made the fireback and hearth. I managed to get the flashing done at the back of the lead roofs and paint the coping stones.

I've also started the roof at the back which will be hinged so you can see inside.

It feels as though hours of work have produced very little this week but all of those little jobs soon add up to big, finished bits. I think I'll spend the rest of this weekend playing with some new aquisitions.

Lovely Kat of Kitty and Kat Miniatures sent me a gift parcel filled with new treasures. I'm always thrilled when someone thinks enough of me to send a gift but I'm especially chuffed when they've made something with their own hands. Just look at the wonderful embroidery of Kat's cushions. I love them, thank you!

I've also purchased a range of kits from the lovely Nancy of  Nancy Enge Designs 

That should keep me occupied for the rest of the day. 

Have a wonderful weekend
Pepper 😊